Monday, 10 June 2013

Delicious Green Mee @ Chong Chon Cafe

Not many places in Kuching serves green noodles. As far as I know, there are only 2. One is at Chong Chon, and the other is at ABC Food Court. Both serve yummilicious green noodles! 
Sp, what are green noodles? Don't get freaked out cos of the color! It's not coloring, but spinach-made noodles. At Chong Chon Cafe, the green noodles are served in different styles. You can go for the usual Kolo Mee, beef noodles, with ginger duck, stewed lamb or black vinegar pork leg.
Beef Green Mee (RM6.00). This is a must-try dish!! So nice~~ [I'm hungry now :(] Generous chunks of beef with the tasty flavorful beef stewed noodles! 
Honey Chicken Green Mee (RM3.50). This is also great! The sweet and soft honey chicken goes great with the salty and chewy green noodles. Actually this was Chicken-style Char Sio. If you order Green Kolo Mee, a mix of pork and chicken Char Sio would be given. In this dish, we only opt for the Chicken Char Sio. :D
Laksa (RM4.00). Nice Laksa is also available in Chong Chon. Some people have very high ratings on this Laksa here. Tasted quite good I can say, but it was hard for me to give comments cos I did not have this. Just got a sip of the gravy~ Hehe~

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