Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Long Miss Rendang Lamb @ Lim's Cafe

I remembered the times in high school when I "tapao" Rendang Mutton Rice for lunch before my afternoon class. My sudden crave for the Rendang Mutton led me to Lim's Cafe, near to Sungai Maong market. It was a Saturday morning, so they have Rendang Lamb Shank!! Yummy!
Rendang Lamb Shank (RM15). Look at the size of the Lamb Shank! Huge man~~ Enough for 2 pax. Definitely worth the value at the price of RM15. The price ranges from RM14-RM16, depending on the size. Not to mention about the taste, it's tasty. Recommended to friends who love Indian Curry Taste. :D


Unknown said...

Can i know whers is Lim's Cafe... Kuching? Look delicious..


Unknown said...

Hi Wong,

Yeah.. Lim's Cafe is in Kuching. :)

Unknown said...

Too bad.... aik..

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