Monday, 10 June 2013

22-yr-old William!

It's time to bid goodbye to 21! William celebrated his 22nd at KTS Garden, ordered a couple of good food which I did not take any photos of cos I was too hungry.. Hehe~ When we were done with our dinner, it's time for photoshooting session! FYI, we were the last to leave the crowded hall. :P
William with his siblings. See their similarities? 
Group photo
Making his GREAT birthday wishes and cake-cutting moment
Our cake cutting professional. Hehe. We were waiting anxiously for the delicious Triple Chocolate Cake from Tom's.. =p~

We left the dining place, but gathered outside for more PHOTOSSS! LOL!
Serious look and Gwiyomi style!
Individual photos with the birthday boy
It's our girls' turn~
Uiiseh~ Models of the year! HAHA
Lots of patterns..
So talented in posing ye~

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