Thursday, 5 June 2014

Spring Delight Café 品虾面店 Kway Teoy T'ng

I still remember the Kway Teow T'ng I had back in Penang where there's the perfectly done poached eggs in the delicious pork broth soup. Recently found out that we could get similar stuff in Kuching, except that the price was far different. At this place known as Spring Delight Cafe, just next to Ah Liong Cafe @ BDC, they sell this Penang Kway Teow T'ng. It got quite famous that the place could be very packed at times although there's only one stall in the coffee shop. 
For our first time, we ordered the Mix Ingredients Soup (RM8). Having all the pork meats, innards, fish slice and prawns. Topped with a little bit of crispy pork lard like what we had back in Penang too. Tasty! They also serve just fish or prawns or pork according to your preference.
Got to know that they also serve Belacan Fried Chicken (RM1/each). So so good! Thou it wasn't as big as what I had in Penang, it was really delicious! Flavored with Belacan and deep-fried to perfect crispiness! Yum yum~~

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