Sunday, 16 February 2014

Taiwanese Breakfast @ New Wonderful Cafe

Seems like we were on good Taiwanese beef noodles hunt recently. Found a new place for beef noodles and this time round, it's prepared by real Taiwanese. The friendly Taiwanese owner operates the stall at New Wonderful Cafe, Hui Sing. We won't have come to this coffee shop if not cos of the recommendations from Kuching Food Critics' members. 
Pancake (RM2.50). Apart from beef noodles, we had this egg pancake. Tasted and looked equally pleasing with the sweet sauce.
Beef noodles (RM4.50). QQ noodles~
Beef Mix Noodles (RM5.50). Tasted quite good, unlike our local beef noodles, and I would say it's worth the value. 
So far, I still prefer Spring Garden's Taiwan beef noodles. Spring Garden's has taste of local beef noodles mixed with Taiwanese's. ++ the beef meat is really tender and the soup was really rich.

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