Thursday, 6 February 2014

Lasagna Crave!!

The lasagna from Bella Italia kept going thru my mind (shows how good it was!). Apart from Bella Italia, Bing! was recommended in serving tasty lasagna in Kuching as well. So, yea~~ Off we go to satisfy my crave! There are a couple of Bing! outlets in Kuching - Padungan, Jalan Kereta Api, Hills Shopping Mall, Premier 101 and Green Heights. I went to the one at Green Heights.
Lasagna consisting of minced beef, cheeses, eggplants, bolognese sauce (~RM15). Served with salads and homemade salsa.

Yummehhh~~ A very filling dish, definitely worth the value. The bolognese sauce was not overpowering the taste of minced beef. They were really generous with the use of cheese as you could see from the pics, but it would n't make you get irritated with it. As for Bella Italia's, the taste was richer especially the cheese. So, it all depends whether you are a cheese fonder. Both are great!!! 

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