Sunday, 6 October 2013

Thailand Trip Day 2

Not time should be wasted when you are on vacation! We woke up early and wanted to head to the market at 5am as according to ppl, it should be open by then. But hey no~ We were informed that stalls would be only be setting up by 6am. So we went back to get some more rest, get ourselves prepared by 6am and went for the hotel's breakfast buffet first. Simple dishes were served.
My breakfast
Then, we headed straight to the street to do shopping. It just rained, so yea~~ It's so wet. 
Crowds early in the morning
Clothes here are so cheap. People were seen pulling their luggage bags, packing their garments into their bags straightaway. I guessed they are retailers to stack up their stocks.
Food vendors were seen as well:

We were requested by our tourist guide to be ready at 730am to start our journey to Pattaya. We rushed back to our hotel immediately after an hour and you just couldn't imagine how many I had bought with less than 3000 Baht.

Our first stop along our way to Pattaya was Sriracha Tiger Zoo.

Tiger Performance!
 Next, we had lunch at the zoo before going for the crocodile performance.

Visiting the Souvenir Shop when we had time.
Aww.. Cute tiger baby..
We paid to get ourselves feeding the tiger cub! The cub felt like a puppy but definitely much stronger. Kinda scary when it speed onto my thigh and rushed for the milk. >.<
Crocodile Show. Dangerous actions were performed - teasing the crocs, lying on it, putting their hands and head into the mouth. Scary!!
After the show, we were brought to this Grape Vineyard which is really very beautiful!!
The restaurant

We were so happy. LOL!

Enjoying the ice blended grape juice there. So good!

Greek feel
Nice spot for portrait photo!
Just love this place!! ❤ ♡ ❤ ♡
After enjoying the scenery a short while, we visited this famous monk place which I do not know the name though. There were so so many tourists.

Then, we headed straight to Nongnooch Village. It was a great place, plenty of attractions, but we were there just for the Thai Cultural Show and Elephant Show.

Thai Cultural Show
Say HI! to baby elephant.
Elephants are smart. They can paint, play basketballs, bowling and dancing Oppa Gangnam Style!
Street foods available there. The pork satay (10 Baht) was so good! First time trying out Thailand's pork satay and it was so damn good that we did not miss it our in our daily meals!
Nice and fragrant Thai Coconuts to quench our thirsts! 
After a hectic day rushing here and there, we finally got to our hotel at Pattaya - Royal Century Hotel / Century Park Hotel. Placed our luggage in our rooms and went out for dinner. After some rests, we were out again!

Walking our way to the food stalls.
Can't wait to have Thailand's famous Mango Glutinous Rice! There were other mango stuffs available like Mango Custard, Mango Kaya Paste etc.
So much food there!!
Cheap cheap fruits!!
One of the food stalls we visited. Quite delicious and very cheap! We had 4 plates of Pad Thai, 1 Oyster Omelette and 6 big cups of fresh fruit juices for only around 400 Baht.
Pork Chop Satay again! As usual, priced at 10 Baht each! So tender and juicy!!
Ikan Panggang with Salt. Don't quite like it cos it has the fishy smell.
Mango Kaya Paste that was recommended to be served with the glutinous rice. Kinda too sweet for me. Did not get to take any pics of the Mango Glutinous Rice as those hungry fellows gobbled up the dessert before I wanted to snapshot.
Oh yea~ Thai Durians!! It looked good, but there was no fragrant durian smell coming out from it. Unlike our Malaysian Durians, they have very dtrong and pungent smell. Taste-wise, it was as good as our local Kuching Durians though.
Came across this Grilled Little Suckling Pig along our way back to the hotel. Looks good~~
That's the end of our Day 2!!

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