Wednesday, 27 August 2014

KL Food Hunt #11: Antipodean

After a light confectionary indulgence at Tong Kee, we are ready for brunch at Antipodean. Located at Bangsar Village where there's lots of good foods, the cafe is operated by an Australian if not mistaken. 
Ice Cappucino (RM9).

Affogato (RM10). Ice cream on top of espresdo shot. Superb!
Hot Latte (RM9). Nice coffe art.
Hot Cappucino (RM10). Lovely~~ ♡♡
Here comes our main dishes! :p~
Big breakfast (RM20). Toast, bacon, mushrooms, scrambled eggs and hashbrown. Yummeh~

Big breakfast consisting of pork sausage instead of bacon.

Great breakfast to start our day!

Scrambled egg salmon on toast (RM20). I had this. So good! The gooey egg yolk melts in the mouth with each bite. Smoked salmon served on their special wheat toast complement so well. :)

A group photo after breakfast. 

Went shopping at the new opened Nu Sentral Mall at KL Sentral. Lots of shops were still unoccupied thou.

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