Saturday, 2 August 2014

Ipoh Food Hunt #3: Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah (奇峰豆腐花)

After we took away the siew pao, it's time for some light and traditional dessert. Funny Mountain! Yea! That's the name of the shop. Very famous in Ipoh for its Soy Beancurd (Tau Fu Fah) and also Soya Bean drink.
Well.. A short queue was apparently required.
So, I just took a short walk to the famous Sin Eng Heong for baked items. They were also claimed to produce good egg tarts. Can't fail to gwt egg tarts yay~ Unfortunately,  it was so crowded too! (As shown in pic) No luck with egg tarts I guess.
So back to Funny Mountain. Some people had it on the spot, but we just dapao.
Silky smooth tau fu fah! Taste-wise was similar to Kuching's local soya beancurd. Organic and natural tasting.

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