Friday, 20 December 2013

Korea Trip Day 3

We started our 3rd day even earlier as we had to catch a morning flight back to Seoul Gimpo Airport, taking T'way Airlines. Breakfast was not as luxurious as yesterday's. We were taken to , which we had dinner on our first night, to have abalone porridge. The abalone pieces were in small bits, so I did not take any photo of. We were also served with complimentary dim sums of steamed dumplings and soft pau.
Steamed dumplings and pau. The dumplings tasted bland, but the pau texture was good. It was very soft.
There we went again~~ Flying~~
Caught a shot with Korean Air Hostess who I find quite good-looking. :D
Once we got to Seoul, we were brought for lunch first, having 春川雞排.
春川雞排. Stir-frying process. A mix of mainly chicken pieces, rice cake and cabbage.
The way we were taught to eat. Wrapped in lettuce including the side dishes provided and their sauce. Yummy!
Done with eating it with fresh lettuce, another method to enjoy the dish was to add in rice and some seaweed slices and tadaa~ Here came the fried rice! Very nice too!
1st Destination: Nami Island 南怡島Completed our lunch, we were ready to take off to the famous Nami Island 南怡島 where shots of the famous drama, "Winter Sonata 冬季恋歌" was taken. To get to Nami Island, we had to get on board a ~15mins ferry ride.
Upon reaching, there were many nicely designed signboards and shops. 
3rd Group Photo - 南怡島
Upon reaching, our tourist guide did not give us any time to take any pics along our way until we reached the main spot.
So, here we were! At the famous Winter Sonata's filming spot!
Taking turns in group for photo-shooting here, we were given time to snapshot places around the island.

I'm so tiny!

Now you know where I took my Title Background from. :P
Lovely yellow leaves. Autumn feel! But it's kinda stinky cos of the fallen ginkgo. 
Introduced by our guide to try this hot steaming red bean white pau (1000 KRW). Slurps~
We were the first group to get back to the desired waiting spot.
Cute ferry
At the entrance
My tourist guide bought me this coffee! So good! I mean the coffee. =P

2nd Destination: 春川明洞
After Nami Island, we headed to 春川明洞, in which the first stall we encountered was the famous Fat Mama Fruits House 胖阿姨水果店. She was there to greet us. However, her painful leg prevented her from entertaining us, so her daughter did all the servings. Served us with delicious fresh fruits like strawberries and pears. The dried persimmon was very good too. We bought the dried persimmons packets as souvenirs and one big packet of strawberries (20,000 KRW).
Carried on with some shopping at the street with the help of some bargaining from our tourist guide and we bought a ear cover for just 3,000 KRW, which would cost around RM10. In Kuching, the cheapest we could get I think would be RM30 and the quality would not be that good. Visiting a nearby bakery store next to 胖阿姨水果店, we were buying some pastries which we found them tempting.
Got this (1,500 to 2,000 KRW) as we were told that this was their hottest-selling item. Very soft baked bun with red bean and chewy custard inside. Yum yum!
3rd Destination: 大浦巷海鲜市场 
It was cold and dark despite it's only 6pm, so we just took a short time to walk around. The stalls were distributed into 2 buildings, selling wet and fresh seafood, and cooked food.
What's this??
Cooked seafood
Dealing with the merchants
Having fried rice wrapped in fresh squid (5,000 KRW). No regrets!! So good!!
Off next we were taken for dinner.
Our dining place, but we were not seated here. Instead we were having dinner on the other corner with chairs.
Our Dinner! Steamboat consisting of seafood.
Done with a big tummy, we headed straight to our hotel at Sorak - Daemyung Sorak Resort.
We were given rooms with korean sleep on the floor. Looks like a house to me as there is a dining place with stoves etc.
What I did first when we got back to the hotel. ENJOYING STRAWBERRIES!
After settling down, we walked our way to the hotel's grocery store. Here I was hunting for snacks. :P
Got myself ice cream again. Almond Pistachio Flavor Ice Cream (~1,000 KRW). Tasted weird. >.<
Done for our 3rd day! Time for bed, sleeping in korean style tonight on the warm heated floor! :D

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