Monday, 25 May 2015

Taiwan Day4

Early breakfast at the McDonald next door with breakfast coupon given.
Took the bus back to Kaohsiung Train Station and later a the Taiwan Railway to Tainan Train Station. After checking in at the nearby TieDao Hotel, we started our food journey in Tainan by walk while exploring the Kuching-like town.


Dropping by at this famous store for a quench of thirst.
Trying out at the century old shop - 台南度小月擔仔麵. Famous for Dan Zai Noodles.

Apart from the Dan Zai noodles, we also tried out their Lu Rou Fan.
Coffin bread for a try. 赤嵌棺材板. Located within the alley at the old market. 
富盛號碗粿. Many people queuing for this. Maybe because the place is rather easy to be located.
Tainan's foods were all rather special and different from what we usually have. After all the food hunt at Tainan street, we took a bus to Anping. 


Different colors of salts

Washing hands with salts
Ice cream with salt. Yums~
Next up we walked our way to AnPing Old Street 安平老街. Along our way, we spotted the bicycle renting service and so we rented the bikes for 2 hours to travel around AnPing.

Huge dog trying to befriend with me 

Prawn Rolls
Sth like Kuih Sepit. I love this!
We also bought back some prawn crackers home. Done with AnPing, we took the bus back to Tainan and of cos, more food hunting again!


阿卿傳統飲品冰品 杏仁茶. Definitely not my type of food.

REALLY GOOD! Fried Eel Noodles! 
Getting some strawberries back to hotel for late night supper. :)

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