Sunday, 25 January 2015

Haza Cafe

Couldn't recall when was my visit to Haza Cafe! Definitely quite some time. Located at Rubber Road area, a few shoplots next to After 4. This was our 1st visit there. Operated by a Malay family, we were welcomed and served by the warm and friendly crew. Being attracted by the pies upon entering, so got a slice of beef pie.
Beef pie. Yummy! They have chicken pie and mix beef and chicken as well.
Mushroom soup.

Served with a plate of *free* local Kek Lapis made by the "mum", who was claimed to be one of Hilton Kuching's chef. Definitely up to standard.
Papi pan-seared imported fish fillet. My type of dish~

Papi pan-seared chicken chop. Deliciously cooked as well.
Dishes here were all quite good. Just that portion might be a little bit small. xP

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