Wednesday, 10 December 2014

John's Pie @ Swinburne Sarawak

It was a Saturday afternoon and George wanted to complete his assignment, so I followed him to Swinburne. John's Pie has an outlet there, so we went there to have a quick lunch. 
Chicken Cheese Pie (RM5.50). I requested to have it served hot and so the staff there microwave it. Served in a short while.
Banana Pie (RM2.50). Was recommended to try their new stuff. It was quite good. :)

Look at the cheesy, juicy fillings. Well.. Before this, I wasn't really impressed with the pies here, but this pie prove me wrong. I guess I have to request my pies to be served hot in order to enjoy it. Don't like them to be cold. 
I opened up the upper crust. Can see all the fillings. Yummeh~

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