Saturday, 23 August 2014

KL Food Hunt #10: Tong Kee Food Corporation

2nd day in KL! Woke up not that early as most shops are not open so early here. Once done, the 1st stop we head to was to Tong Kee. Having claimed to produce one of th best egg tarts in Malaysia, we shall see then.
The place is not far from our stay. 

Being as a bakery store, they do not sell only egg tarts thou. Lots of confectionary products.

Cheese cake. Yummeh~ Being served cool, the melt-in-the mouth texture along with the good ol cheesy taste~~ missed this!

They have 2 types of egg tarts served. This is the Portugese Egg Tart.
While this is the Butter Egg Tart which I prefer. It would be better if served hot. Love the wobbly egg custard.
Well.. My personal verdict is that Kuching's Chong Chon Biscuit Maker's egg tarts are still the best. :D

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